The Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision will be adding QR codes to every new and renewed medical license issued.

The code will link to the medical board’s page about the physician. The page will contain information including education, specialty, board certifications, and contact information.

The purpose of the QR codes is to create a system in which physicians can be easily and quickly identified in a range of situations.

One example of a potential benefit of this system is the usage of the QR codes in a check in type of system. These types of systems could be used anywhere from conferences to hospitals.

Reji Varghese, Board Deputy Executive Director, provided another potential use.  He states, “Law enforcement or emergency medical personnel establishing an incident command system at the scene of an accident or emergency will be able to immediately identify and confirm that the Good Samaritan offering assistance is indeed a licensed medical doctor.”

This move on the part of the Oklahoma medical board is an example of steps that can be taken to create a technological infrastructure that can be harnessed for a wide variety of uses. The development of similar types of centralized infrastructures could create an infrastructure without the need for strict control over how it is used and could increase efficiency, decrease costs, and improve quality of care.

Source: Business Wire