5 – Minute Pediatric Consult

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My take: An expensive app, but if you swear by 5-minute pediatric consult than Unbound has made this one for you.

iTunes Description: The 5-Minute Pediatric Consult is a quick-reference app designed specifically for the diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care of infants, children, and adolescents. This downloadable resource applies the famous 5-Minute approach to pediatric care and has been optimized for your smartphone or tablet. Browse through more than 450 diseases and conditions or use the Universal Index Search to quickly find the information you need. With updated 6th Edition content and convenient access at the point of care, 5-Minute Pediatric Consult is the perfect companion for trainees, nurses, and primary care pediatricians.

Cost: $99.99


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My take: Apparently this app enables you to have direct contact with Dr. Levine. Who is Dr. Levine? I had to ask myself this as when I tried to use the app it looked extremely rough around the edges and not ready for prime time. Apparently Dr. Levine is actually a doctor — at least according to the apps page.  It seems like a mix of a crowdsourcing app with a direct patient physician app. Will be interesting to see if this app actually gains traction. I wish they would have released the app when it was ready for prime time — the website and app look extremely rough.

iTunes Description: Enjoy direct contact with Dr. Levine. Submit pictures to enhance your questions. Keep things personal between you and Dr. Levine or post it as a Public Question, so others can learn from your experience. Answer replies from Dr. Levine using the reply box located under each question asked and each reply given. Participate with other members by voting on outcomes.

Cost : Free

Athletic Tapings

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iTunes Description: This Taping App provides you with detailed information on 29 different tapings, written by a highly qualified Athletic Therapist and Posturologist with experience working with elite level Rugby, Basketball, Hockey and Soccer teams.

Cost $4.99