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The following is our weekly list of notable iPhone & iPad medical apps released during the past week–week 14. For each app mentioned I have added my personal thoughts on the app.

The key thing to note is that these are not all of the medical apps released in the past week. Rather, these are the medical apps that stood out to me as having potential use for medical professionals. There are some great medical apps here and many are free.

Our previous weekly lists can be found at the following links: Week 14, Week 13, Week12, Week 11.

This week’s list :

Fact Sheets

iTunes Link

Fact2 Fact1

My take: A great app out of Australia that explains blood donations and some of the background work that goes on in making sure the correct type of blood is given to patients.

iTunes Description: iTRANSFUSE fact sheets from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service provide basic information about blood, explained in simple language for people who may not have a background in health or science. These fact sheets explore blood components and their use, testing, processing and other related topics. New fact sheets are added regularly. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Cost: Free

MEdtube Medical

iTunes Link

medtube1 medtube2

My Take: An interesting app that shows various medical videos — ranging from aortic valve replacements to various orthopedic surgeries. This app is aimed more towards medical professionals — I could see medical students and residents using this app to help walk through various surgeries.  I could also see potential for patients using this app to help them understand the type of surgery that will be performed.

iTunes Description: MEDtube Medical Videos is an online medical multimedia library for Healthcare Professionals worldwide – the largest collection of educational video content with over 11 000 professional medical videos. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Cost: Free

All-Pro Orthopedics

iTunes Link

apppro1 appro2

My Take: Obviously, this app is for a specific practice in Florida — however, many of the features provided could potentially be used by your patients.  The app helps explain various types of surgeries that could be beneficial to your patients.

iTunes Description: All-Pro Orthopedics is a medical office located in Fort Lauderdale. Florida. Our practice specializes in Hip replacement, Shoulder and Reverse shoulder replacement, Spine surgery, Arthroscopy, and Ligament replacement surgery. All-Pro Orthopedics also offers Sports medicine for youths as well as adults.

Cost: Free