Easy Way to remember tricky areas of Anatomy

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iTunes Description: Learn human anatomy with this app – our lecture series on Easy Ways of Remembering Tricky Areas of Anatomy – Over 9 hours of lectures.

Cost: $7.99

My take: This is one of the most interesting apps released this past week. It is the personal lectures of Dr. Whitaker, who teaches anatomy to first year medical students at the University of Cambridge.  He provides a series of lectures to help those learning anatomy — and focuses on the difficult aspects of anatomy learning.  For only $7.99, if you’re a MS1 or MS2 and having a difficult time in anatomy class, this app might be for you.

Predictors 2

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iTunes Description: Over 500,000 patients in the USA are on dialysis therapy. Many can resume a reasonably active lifestyle, but for some the burdens of dialysis on the patient and their family outweigh the potential for a decent quality of life.

Cost: $1.99

My take: An interesting app that uses three models to help give physicians and patients an estimate of how their patients will be able to adapt to dialysis and how well or poor they might do.

Barron’s EMT Exam Review Practice Questions and Flash Cards

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iTunes Description: There is nothing nobler than helping others. If serving as an Emergency Medical Technician is your dream, the Barron’s EMT app can help you achieve it. Offering candidates the opportunity to prepare for the Emergency Medical Technician exam on the go, this app is a must-have study aid.

Cost: Free

My take:  The app has a $9.99 in app purchase, which isn’t expensive for an exam review text.  For EMT’s studying for their qualifying tests they should definitely consider this app.