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HepCalc is a collection of liver related calculators, web links, resources, and editable web links and clinical notes.

Cost: $1.99

My take: This seems like an interesting medical calculator app for Liver pathology, but I would first try out MedCalc and QxMD’s Medical Calculator apps.  MedCalc is cheaper than this calculator and has many of the calculators this app offers, while QXMD’s calculator is free. Reference an older post we wrote about the Best Medical Calculator apps. Link to MedCalc. Link to QxMD calculator.

Joining Forces

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iTunes Description: The App, which is approved by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, is designed for current serving personnel and provides information on mental health problems as well as highlighting where to get help.

Cost: Free

My take: This app was funded by the NHS Foundation and is aimed towards those serving in the Royal Navy, Army, and Royal Air Force. It seems like an interesting app you could potentially recommend to your patients who are serving in the armed forces, albeit it’s aimed towards the UK services.

My Cataract Procedure

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iTunes Description: My Cataract will help guide you through the process of cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is generally a safe and painless procedure that should help to improve your vision. However, there are many aspects of the process where patients could use additional resources.

Cost: Free

My take: This app is sponsored by the Milan Eye Center but ophthalmologists should look and see if their patients could make use of the app prior to Cataract procedures.