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The following is our weekly list of the notable iPhone medical apps released during the past week, week 12.  For each app I have added some comments and alternative apps you might consider.

The key thing to note is these are not all of the medical apps released in the past week. Rather, these are the medical apps that stood out to me as having potential use for medical professionals.  There are some great medical apps here and many are free.

Evidence Based Primary Care

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iTunes Description: This application lists over 400 laboratory tests, physical exam findings, history findings, and radiological studies for the most frequent diseases encountered in the primary care setting. For each entry, measures of the test’s efficacy found in the medical literature are reported.

Cost: $0.99

My take: An app that promises to help you use “evidence based medicine” to practice medical care. Full of sensitivities, specificities, PPV, NPV, etc. This app has potential use that expands beyond the primary care setting. For $0.99 it is worth a try if you like to use Pre-test and Post test probabilities when ordering diagnostic studies. It should be noted these types of calculators can also be found easily for free online.

Musculoskeletal Exam-Shoulder

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aaos 1

aaos 2

iTunes Description: This app, by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, presents the techniques for physical examination of the shoulder. The app presents video demonstrations for Inspection & Palpation (5), Muscle Testing (8), Range of Motion (4), and Special Test (12). The Program is ideal for medical students and residents. Each technique demonstration is preceded by a peer reviewed explanation of the procedure including possible diagnoses, procedural steps, positive test characteristics including statistical values for some tests, and other information, including references.

Cost: $8.99

My take: An app by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) that shows the key techniques of the physical exam for the shoulder.  Decently priced, and coming from a large medical organization, this app is definitely worth a look for Physicians who deal with MSK complaints. It might be too much information for the primary care setting though (not including sports medicine).

Color Atlas of Family Medicine 2/E

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color 1

color 2

iTunes Description: 2,000 full-color photographs help you visually diagnose common and uncommon conditions and diseases encountered in clinical practice.

Cost: $124.99

My take: We’re obviously huge fans of Usantine Media’s apps, as was shown in our review of their medical app, Atlas of Emergency medicine.  If you live by the Color Atlas of Family Medicine and were counting down for it to be in a nice mobile format, then this app will be for you. But the high price of $100+ will exclude most from purchasing this app.