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The following is our weekly list of notable iPhone & iPad medical apps released during the past week–week 13. For each app mentioned I have added my personal thoughts on the app.

The key thing to note is that these are not all of the medical apps released in the past week. Rather, these are the medical apps that stood out to me as having potential use for medical professionals. There are some great medical apps here and many are free.

This week’s list :

GU Path:

iTunes Link



iTunes Description: GU Path I is intended to be an interactive learning aid for physicians interested in the pathology of urinary bladder and prostate. It consists of more than 1100 images covering the entire spectrum from normal histology to malignant lesions. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Cost: $24.99 Full version, Lite Version is free

My take: This medical app is aimed towards a focused group of medical professionals — namely, Urologic Pathologists. It has over 1,000 images of the relevant pathology of the bladder and prostate. The app was created by a Urologic Pathologist with Virginia Urology. I’d suggest checking out the “Lite” version of the app before making the purchase for the free version. The Lite version’s link is here.

General Radiology 3:

iTunes Link



iTunes Description: General Radiology 3 Flashcards was designed for radiology resident and fellowship education. Physicians, residents and medical students and anyone interested in pursuing a career in medical imaging will also find this app useful. General Radiology Flashcards provides the user with 72 high quality interactive images including plain film, CT, MRI. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Cost: $3.99

My take: We have reviewed another medical app in this same series. That review can be found here. This app has the same type of format. I’d suggest checking out our prior review of a similar Hawki Inc. app before making the plunge. Of note, one of the things that has troubled us in the past about this medical app developer is the lack of references for their apps.


iTunes Link



iTunes Description: The PubMedster application is a mobile interface into the Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online (MEDLINE).

Cost: Free

My take: This is another PubMed search type app. The app allows for focused searches as you can see from the attached images. In its free form, the app is worth a download if you still haven’t found a PubMed/Medline search app you like. That being said, check out a list of the best PubMed apps for the iPhone & iPad that we have previously reviewed.