Purpose of App Review

Investigating a Google Scholar app for the Android platform.


Google Scholar, as a comprehensive database of scholarly citation information, is becoming more of a go-to resource for physicians and medical professionals seeking information on any given topic (whether it be research or clinical).

With Google’s powerful algorithm, Google Scholar has the ability to retrieve many highly relevant sources along with some off-the-mark references. In the ever-changing world of mobile access to information, Scholar Droid has developed a sufficient and effective interface for searching the ocean of medical literature available in the Google Scholar knowledge base.

User Interface

Both aesthetically and functionally pleasing, Scholar Droid offers a unique searching experience equipped with basic and advanced options. Users can quickly search for all content or limit their search to articles or books only. All of these options are available right on the main screen of the app.

Choosing the menu button on your device opens many more options like: bookmarked references, downloaded references, a quick refresh button, and general information about the app and its developers.

Scholar Droid’s transparency, simple design, and robust linking/downloading options make it a forerunner in the Google Scholar Android app market. Every citation retrieved comes with a link to the publisher site on the web and/or a link to the PDF for those references that are open access or freely available for immediate download.

Users can also search Scholar Droid on their device within their institution’s IP range to access the full text of subscribed content. Currently, there is no remote access option for searching an institution’s subscription content in Scholar Droid.

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  • Free


  • Aesthetics, functionality, and user-friendly design
  • Ability to link to full text or publisher site on the web
  • Option to save bookmarks and downloads
  • Advanced search option available


  • Inability to share reference information with other apps or programs


  • Searches the vast literature indexed in the Google Scholar database
  • Web linking and immediate downloading of open access and freely available content
  • Saves citations and downloads

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes


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Rating: (1 to 5 stars) – 4.5

  1. User Interface – 5
  2. Multimedia usage – 3 (no multimedia content in Google Scholar so no need for it in this app)
  3. Price – 5
  4. Real world applicability – 5

Phone used for review: Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S phone)


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