Purpose of App Review

Today we will attempt to answer the following questions:

  • Does this app illustrate clearly the concepts presented?
  • Is this app useful to a medical student?


Focus Medica is a very prolific company which has developed several apps that combine 3D animations and graphics to help healthcare professionals understand medical conditions and be able to explain them better to their patients.

The Animated Essential Atlas of Anatomy and Physiology is a tool that provides ways to learn, review and teach the human anatomical systems and related physiology. This is why the review today will be approached from an educator’s point of view.

User Interface

Launching the application lands us on its main screen. The main screen is comprised of a listing of chapters. Each chapter represents different systems of the human body like the Endocrine system, Circulatory system, Integumentary system and so on.

Main screen

As we select a chapter, its contents are displayed. Topics range from the basics of a cell to how synaptic transmission or blood pressure works.


Each video contains high quality presentations that a dynamic educator can take advantage of to incorporate in their lectures. 3D animations make the different bodily functions and processes come to life in a clear way.

3D Animations

The free version comes with only the introductory videos of each chapter while the full version allows access to all videos.


  • The app comes in two versions. A free one and a paid one which is $42


  • Animations look great
  • Information is sound
  • Clear explanations


  • Free version has little use

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  •  Medical students, medical educators


  • Content-wise, the app is solid and the way the people at Focus Medica have managed to convey the information is very good.
  • The price might seem a bit high but there is quite a lot of content.
  • This app would be a great asset to educators who like to take the multimedia approach to teaching their classes.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  •  Yes

Google Play Store


Overall: 4/5 Stars
User Interface: 3/5 stars
Multimedia Coverage: 5/5 stars
Price: 3/5 Stars
Real World Applicability: 3/5 Stars