If you have an iPad, you can now turn it into a complete AED simulator with pads for about $31.

Ivor Medical’s AED Trainer for iPad simulates every aspect of a portable AED.

The app is $5.99 and–for $25 to $30–you can buy pads to plug into your iPad and use with the app.

The app has a variety of features useful in CPR instruction. Among them are the ability to design custom scenarios, generate random ones, and view educational videos explaining basic life support concepts and AED usage.

AED Trainer is a much more cost effective alternative to existing AED simulators which can be anywhere from $200 to $1000. It is compliant with the 2010 international CPR guidelines and could decrease financial barriers to teaching life saving techniques to more people.

In addition to its utility in ACLS training required for all healthcare providers, the low cost of the AED trainer will allow more of the public to learn basic life saving skills.

While the placement of AEDs in public places is becoming more commonplace, these devices are useless if nobody knows how to properly use them. The more people that are trained to use them, the more lives will be saved. Those crucial moments before healthcare providers can get to the patient make the difference between life and death for many patients.

The video below demonstrates how it is used.

Source: Ivor Medical