There are going to be some changes for the coming NFL season. In response to growing concerns about head injuries, the NFL has provided iPads to all of the teams with an app designed to improve the detection of concussions on the side lines.

The app goes through a series of questions and tasks that the player is asked to answer or perform.

These test a variety of factors including memory and reaction time. Based on the results, a score is generated.

The advantage to this assessment being added to those previously used is a specific baseline for each player. Well before the potential injury, each player will be assessed using the same app. When on the sidelines, the player’s score can be compared to their baseline score. The app is designed to be used as one more tool for the team physicians and trainers as opposed to replacing previous methodology.

We recently wrote about the development of a tablet app that takes a different approach to assessing brain injury. Among other things, this app is being designed to use on the sidelines of sporting events as well.

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