MYO is one of those technologies that makes you think, “ We’ve arrived at the future.”

By wearing an armband, you can control your computer and other devices with the gestures of your hand.

There are no cameras or wires; just a battery-powered armband that communicates through Bluetooth.

MYO works by detecting electrical activity in the muscles in your forearm as well as via a 6-axis-motion detector. This means that it can detect gestures by your hands as well as the motion of your arm in any direction including rotation.

Out of the box, MYO controls a variety of functions in your Windows and Mac computer. These include: presentations, media players, games and web browsers. While that is nice, the best part about MYO is that when it is released the APIs will be available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

What does this mean?

It means that developers will be able to convert hand and arm gestures to control any device with Bluetooth. It will only limited by your imagination. Think about how many tasks could be improved by hands free control of devices that you don’t have to look at or touch. In the operating room alone, countless improvements could be made by this one small device.

One example would be a surgeon’s ability to go through various imaging files without having to touch anything.  Another–among the rush of ideas that came into my head–is a sign language translator.

MYO can be turned on or off using a unique gesture so you don’t find yourself accidentally sending commands to your devices. It is sensitive enough that commands can be carried out before you even perceive the gesture being completed in your hand. This is due to the fact that the electrical activity occurs in the muscle slightly before the muscles complete their action.

If you want a MYO, you can preorder them now for $159.99 including shipping. They are expected to ship late this year and you won’t be charged until they ship.  As somebody who tries not to buy on impulse, I am fighting the urge to place my preorder now. The more I think about it, the more I realize I’ll be placing an order in the morning.

Source: MYO