Purpose of App Review

  • to review the purpose and usability of the Her2+ Mission app


Pharmaceutical companies are often derided for their money-driven bottom line. They are often seen as having patients seemingly come last in their list of priorities.

Regardless of your feelings about the pharmaceutical industry, the companies–which are run by human beings–do provide important drugs to alleviate human suffering.

We talk about walls having ears, but what if a name or logo had ears, and a mouth, and could show you things you did not know existed?

The Her2+ Mission app states that it provides an interactive profile of the people responsible for the distribution of a groundbreaking anti-breast cancer treatment. I interpret this as an electronic way to interact with and see the human side of a company that provides anti-breast cancer therapies.

User Interface

The app uses the KINESIC company’s trigger image concept, taking a static object and allowing it to become a video or triggering additional content. It appears that Roche and KINESIC teamed up to provide the public trigger image-based insight into Roche’s work to treat Her2+ breast cancer.

After downloading and opening the app, the home page works through the trigger image and movie uploading.

2013-03-08 20.57.35

After syncing, you then have 3 choices. You can choose to View Profiles, View Videos or just Tap To Start.

2013-03-08 20.20.57

Unfortunately, regardless of what I choose, I seem to get the same outcome. Choosing my “option” turns on my iPhone’s back camera and nothing I did made anything stick on screen.

2013-03-08 20.35.55 2013-03-08 20.36.53

Gathering from how other KINESIC apps work, I looked and looked for trigger images to learn more about the HER2.  I could not find them, unfortunately. I searched on the internet, Roche’s website, KINESIC’s website–no HER2+ Mission trigger images available. If you find one, let me know.


  • Free


  • The idea of image-triggered content seems to be a fun way to learn


  • No ability to move between camera and home screen
  • Unclear location of trigger images
  • Lack of description of how to use app

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Unclear, but likely those who take care patients with breast cancer

Patients that may benefit from app

  • Unclear, but those whose lives are affected by breast cancer, as well as those who are curious about breast cancer, Her2+ specifically


  • I am left scratching my head after using the Her2+ Mission app.  I feel as if I have been sent on a treasure hunt without a map and without an idea of what the treasure is.  I tried everything I could think of to utilize the hidden trigger content, but I am perplexed. Where are the pictures? Hopefully, KINESIC and Roche will publish some clues as to how/where to use this app.  But maybe this app is just ahead of its time (or at least its images). The Her2+ Mission app is available for the iPad and iPhone.  It is not available for the Android.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Not yet

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Rating: 2
1. User Interface – 1.  Home screen is easy enough, the rest of the app not so straightforward
2. Multimedia usage – 1. Theoretically this would be an amazing use of the multimedia capabilities of iOS, but without a trigger image to test, I cannot say much.
3. Price – 5. Free! But what about the images?
4. Real world applicability – 1 for now, but likely would be low regardless of the trigger images or not, unless you the content would be useful for patients or patient education.

 Editors Comment: I think this is a great example of a mobile application in the ‘Medical’ app category that is not detailed enough to understand its purpose for users browsing the store. In this case this one may be meant for drug representatives to showcase their product at a tradeshow or meeting, or at a site, with additional accessories meant to be scanned that we do not have access to. I think it would be prudent for developers or sellers to note this in their description. – Timothy Aungst, PharmD.

This post does not establish, nor is it intended to establish, a patient physician relationship with anyone. It does not substitute for professional advice, and does not substitute for an in-person evaluation with your healthcare provider. It does not provide the definitive statement on the subject addressed. Before using these apps please consult with your own physician or healthcare provider as to the apps validity and accuracy as this post is not intended to affirm the validity or accuracy of the apps in question. The app(s) mentioned in this post should not be used without discussing the app first with your healthcare provider.