Purpose of App Review

To explore one of the many electrocardiogram (ECG) apps on the market.


Electrocardiogram ECG Types is an Android app that displays ECG graphs of many different heart conditions.

Each graph is accompanied by a brief description of the heart condition and features of the condition itself.

ECG Types is most useful as a learning tool to students as it is not very dynamic for the busy healthcare professional in the clinical setting.

ECG Types is a static app with predefined heart conditions, graphs, and descriptions for educational purposes only.

There is no way of entering in unique information about an individual patient and viewing ECG possibilities. Users must know the condition they seek and then find it on the list provided in the app.

User Interface

ECG Types offers a sleek interface with a simple list to peruse. There are two aspects of the app that some users might find unpleasant. These aspects are the ads displayed and the screen orientation shift that moves from the home screen to the graphical view.

The app starts off in portrait mode–like most apps do–but once a condition is chosen to view in further detail, the orientation changes to landscape view. This causes the user to physically turn their device to view the screen appropriately. This change in motion may not appeal to some mobile device users.

It is also unclear where the information in the app is being pulled from. From a quality assessment viewpoint, users should be aware of the lack of transparency of source information found with ECG Types.

fusion graph

myo infarction

myo infarction graph 1

myo infarction graph 2


  • Free


  • User-friendly design and functionality
  • The clear graphs and consice descriptions of heart conditions
  • The minimalist design (only 2 layers to the app)


  • Shift in screen orientation
  • Lack of transparency of primary source information
  • Inability to explore heart conditions or ECG’s other than those on the home screen list
  • No way of exporting or sharing graphs with other applications or the web


  • Offers a simple way of learning about ECG information
  • Not to be used as an EBM or point-of-care tool
  • App does not tell user where the graphical and descriptive information is derived
  • App is static and users cannot share or send information

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • No

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars) – 3.25

  1. User Interface – 3
  2. Multimedia usage – 2 (app is static and not very dynamic)
  3. Price – 5
  4. Real world applicability – 3

Phone used for review: Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S phone)

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