By: Jay Agarwal

Purpose of App Review

To determine how well does this app help parents get all the information they need while their child is in the hospital.


Having a child in the hospital can be a very stressful and scary situation.

Having all of the important information that the healthcare team in the hospital will need as well as knowing all of the relevant questions to ask can make the hospital experience less intimidating.

The Our Journey in the Hospital app was developed by Emily Center at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital with the goal of guiding parents through their journey in the hospital.

Since many parents of pediatric patients carry around their tablets with them in the hospital, the app provides a checklist as well as resources to make sure parents are well prepared for their experience.

User Interface

When opening up the Our Journey app, a pop up welcomes you with step by step instructions on how to use the app. The instructions are very easy to follow and make using the app much easier.


After going through the step by step tutorial, the app shows various boxes with benchmarks of what a parent should be able to do or know while their child is in the hospital. It also provides the estimated time they will be discharged from the hospital.

These boxes include, but are not limited to, “I can tell you what medical tests my child is getting and what they are for” and “I can tell you about my child’s medicines.”


Clicking on the boxes brings up a pop up box with all of the relevant questions a parent should be able to answer.

For example, for the box labeled “I can tell you about my child’s medicines,” the pop up informs the parent what medications their child should be taking at home, why each medication is given, when and how much of each medication to give, what side effects the medications may have, etc. These suggestions are very helpful to a parent and can prevent them from forgetting important information that can help them take care of their child.


The same popup also has a resource tab that has a list of relevant PDF’s and links that can help the parent. These PDF’s open up in a browser and each include several pages of information, questions that should be answered, and additional checklists that may be helpful to the parents.


Although these PDF’s seem to be very useful, the fact that they only open in a browser and not inside the app can be inconvenient. If a parent wanted to open them up in the hospital and had no access to wifi, these PDF’s would be hard to access.

It would also be useful if they could be modified in the app so a parent could fill in the questions or checklists on their mobile device as they obtain the information in the hospital. Also, since each box has links to several PDF’s–each with several pages of information–they can become overwhelming for a parent.


Lastly, the app also has a menu choice with contact information for the Emily Center as well as an option to send them feedback about the app.


  • Free


  • Helpful step-by-step tutorial
  • Friendly illustrations
  • Very easy to use app
  • Great layout of information and checklists for parents
  • Easy ways to contact the app developers and provide user feedback


  • PDF’s and links open in a browser which can make access to some material inconvenient without wifi in a hospital setting
  • While the PDF resources seem very helpful, the extra questions and checklists may become overwhelming for a parent

Patients that may benefit from app

  • Parents of children who are in the hospital


  • The app provides parents with a great resource to make sure they are prepared when their child is in a hospital. The simplicity of the user interface and tutorial make using the app very easy for parents who may be in a rush or stressed out in the event that they have a child in the hospital.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars)
Overall: 4.25 Stars.
1. User Interface-4/5 Stars. Very easy to use and has a great tutorial.
2. Multimedia usage-4/5 Stars. Very friendly illustrations that make the app seem fun to use.
3. Price-5/5 Stars. Free.
4. Real world applicability-4/5 Stars. If parents need a resource to make sure they have asked all of the right questions and need a comprehensive checklist, this app does a really great job. The PDF’s and links in the resources section of the app also provide even more information if needed. If used, this app can make the life of a parent much easier in a stressful situation.

Compatibility: iPad
Requires: iOS 4.3 or later
Tested on: iPad 2

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