For those that don’t know, Inkling is a company who is creates highly interactive medical textbooks (among others).

iMedicalApps has extensively covered Inkling before as we believe that the interactive features offered will enhance learning and engagement.

Initially Inkling only offered textbooks for the iPad, however with the launch of Inkling for Web, all of their content became accessible on any type of web enabled device including home PC, Android and iPhone.

What really excited us here at iMedicalApps, though, was the launch of a native iPhone app. This review will focus on Inkling for iPhone to see if it can really offer the same experience as that on the iPad version.


Opening the app presents a standard login screen which leads to the home screen. Here there are two simple tabs; Device or Library.

The Device tab will show you what chapters or books you have downloaded to your device while the Library tab will show you all the available books on your account. Browsing a book to download is simple and you have the option of downloading the entire book or via chapter.

There should be special mention of the user interface as it is very polished and modern. Reading books is a pleasure on the small screen (which I’ll admit I was surprised by). The interface disappears when it is not needed allowing you to focus on what is important-the actual content. It is easy to swipe left and right to bring up the table of contents or section.

Similarly, it is possible to navigate through the images by simply tapping on them and scrolling vertically.

Images are clearly displayed in high resolution and clever tiling allows the resolution to increase as you zoom in ensuring there is no pixelation of any kind. Given the small screen size, there is an emphasis on using search to find the text you want or alternatively using bookmarks to remember your location.

Overall, navigating throughout each textbook is remarkably simple and straightforward which is all the more impressive given the size of some of the texts available.

The interactive features of Inkling textbooks that we have grown to love are all included and fully implemented. There is the ability to test yourself, view videos, interactive slideshows and more. It is possible to highlight certain structures in text using a highlight function. Perhaps the only notable omission was that I couldn’t activate the social function to view other people’a annotations.

The range of textbooks offered by Inkling has now grown substantially and there are many more on the way.


  • Free (books require payment, costs vary)


  • Attractive user interface
  • Text navigation through each book
  • Interactive functionality


  • Inability to purchase books/chapters from within the app 


  • Inkling for iPhone is an impressive app that all users of Inkling should download. The transition to a smaller device has not significantly impacted on the way users engage with the content and if anything have improved overall accessibility.

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  • Yes

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars): 5/5

  • User interface – 5
  • Multimedia usage – 5
  • Price – 5
  • Real world applicability – 5

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