Welch Allyn’s iExaminer is the next step in ophthalmoscopes for your practice. The device, which recently received 510(k) clearance from the FDA, simply clips on to your iPhone 4 or 4s and gives you all of the benefits of your old ophthalmoscope with some added advantages.

The iExaminer connects Welch Allyn’s PanOptic Ophthalmoscope to your iPhone. There are advantages in both the PanOptic and the iExaminer.

The PanOptic gives you a view of the fundus that is up to 5 times larger than traditional ophthalmoscopes in a non-dilated eye. It gives you a 25 degree field of view, a significant improvement on the standard 5 degrees. The device will work with any of your standard 3.5 V Welch Allyn chargers.

The iExaminer attachment allows you to capture a picture of your patient’s fundus. The picture can be easily sent to colleagues for consultation, stored for your patient’s medical records, or used to show your patient what you see and explain what it means to you.

For medical students like me, iExaminer would allow me to easily discuss my patient’s fundoscopy with my attendings. They could see exactly what I saw with no risk of anything being lost in translation.

Similarly, rural physicians could use the device to quickly and easily send fundoscopic images to specialists located anywhere that has an internet connection. No longer would consults be limited by verbose explanations.

The iExaminer will be available on February 11.

Sources: Welch Allyn, VR-Zone