Product Review


Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving a device we had written about several months ago.

The device, made by Countermind, utilizes the MI (Mobile Intelligence) Clinic technology. It has won an award and has been mentioned by the CDC for its role in helping with vaccinations in the Denver Health system.

Device Use:

The video below highlights what functions HANDI possesses as well as possible implementation of other functions.

The video order is:
(0-1:30 Introduction on Vaccination Process)
(1:30-4:00 Device Overview)
(4:00-End: Application of HANDI)


  • Device is easy to use and the MI Clinic Software demonstrated great stability
  • Cuts down on documentation and streamlines workflow
  • Device was not heavy and worked very well


  • Inclusion of camera features on an iTouch may be beneficial for future developments


  • Countermind’s MI Clinic offers a great way to help public health initiatives that can be expanded to several areas of health care. It remains to be seen where the developers and other public health offices will take this.

Device Specifications:

  • Hardware: iTouch, specialized sled attachment (card reader and barcode scanner included)
  •  Software: MI Clinic by Countermind