Purpose of the Review

  • Is this app easy to use?
  • Does it keep your patient information secure?


As occurred with the advent of the digital era, where our minds came up with Electronic Medical Records, we now look toward our smartphones and tablets and wonder how we can fit those same EMRs into our tiny devices.

The task is not an easy one.

EMRs are not as common as one would expect for a 21st world and medical records tend to be bulky.

The Siyami Apps, LLC is one of many companies that are working on this area.

Their app “Patient Records Doctor ON GO”  claims to be “the ONLY APP in the MARKET having so many cool patient management features to save time for busy medical professionals”. Today we’ll check them out to see how that claim stands.

User Interface

As we open Patient Records Doctor ON GO, we are asked to accept the app’s disclaimer and then we are brought to the main screen. The main screen displays all of the app’s features without presenting them in any arranged way.

Main Screen Bottom part

You can add patients to your database by providing their name and contact information as well as any significant information about them. This additional information can include clinical notes, medications, prescriptions, etc. Several fields have the option of enabling templates for them. These templates can make your life easier and boost your productivity by pre-filling information for frequently typed data. A patient’s billing information can also be added as a field.

Adding patients

Under “Add Patient visit” you can enter your observations of each visit as well as photo, audio and video attachments. This lets you add critical information such as pictures of before and after treatments, lab reports, etc. The appointments menu lets you view your appointments, set reminders and schedule new appointments. Those appointments set within the app will be added and synced to your Google calendar.


The bills and collection menu displays reports of collections and balance dues. The app is integrated into your phone’s operating system. Thus, you can send e-mails, SMS texts or even call patients from the app. Patient Records Doctor ON GO can be customized and its templates personalized to your liking via the Settings menu. Information can be backed up and restored from an SD cards via an import/export process.


  • $29.99


  • Interesting array of features
  • Import/export information available via CSV files
  • Billing options are good for small medical practice operations


  • User interface is cumbersome and feature icons are not organized
  • App does not display very well on large screen devices
  • No data encryption


  • While the app lets you keep medical records on your smartphone or tablet, the fact that Patient Records Doctor ON GO has no data encryption is a major issue. We are talking about patient privacy and that should be always our primary concern when we entertain the idea of using an EMR system.
  • The app certainly has room for improvement. It can, though, be handy as a complement to your current EMR.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  •  Not at its current state.

Google Play Store Link

Rating: (1 to 5 stars): 3/5

  • User interface – 3
  • Multimedia usage – 3
  • Price – 2
  • Real world applicability -3