How well does EM procedure log allow EM residents to log procedures?


Emergency Medicine residents must complete a certain number of specific procedures before they graduate. They must also generate a formal “procedure log” documenting that information.

Residents have various systems of keeping track of this, from logging each one into an online database, to keeping a small notebook in their pocket and documenting during each shift. EM Procedures is a free app for iOS that allows residents to create a password protected procedure log.

User Interface:

The app contains a list of each required procedure. Information is stored on the mobile device using AES-256 encryption.

The right hand column keeps track of the number completed vs. the number required before graduation. The user can edit this menu to add or delete certain procedures.

Dropbox integration is very easy, especially if the device has already been linked to a Dropbox account. Information is sent to Dropbox via SSL.

Unfortunately, the app does not save patient data in a way that simplifies entering in multiple procedures on the same patient.

For example, I will frequently document a central line insertion and a medical resuscitation on the same patient–sometimes also with cardiac defibrillation or intubation. In this app, you’d need to enter in the patient ID, date, attending, and setting again for each additional procedure.

Practically speaking, I won’t use this app since my residency already requires that I input my procedure log on a specific website that my program directors can also access. If I were in a residency program that didn’t specify how I kept my procedure log, this app would be a practical way to keep track of it .


  • Free


  • Performs essential functions well.
  • Dropbox integration seamless and essential to backup data.
  • Can edit which procedures are logged.


  • Can’t easily enter multiple procedures on the same patient.
  • Output log is a bare-bones text file.
  • No password recovery option. If the user forgets their password, the entire procedure log is erased.


This free app is a practical way for EM residents to document their procedure log, though it lacks certain features of other websites that allow for attending oversight.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

iTunes link

Rating: 4 out of 5

Interface – 3/5 – easy to use, but difficult to add multiple procedures on the same patient.
Multimedia NA
Price – 5/5 – free.
Practicality – 4/5 – serves an essential function for EM residents.

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