App Reviewed: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) (Ver. 1.0)

Purpose of App Review:

*Review features available from the CDC MMWR standalone app on the iPad
*Determine application of app for practitioners



We’ve reviewed apps from the Centers for Disease Control in the past, finding the app to be generally well developed with a broad range of information covered.

Since that review, the CDC has released an app dedicated to the widely read Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), the publication highlighting important, emerging issues in public health ranging from infectious disease outbreaks to population health trends.

Functionally, the MMWR is a widely distributed publication supplying information to practitioners with authoritative information on recommendations and guidelines for notifiable diseases. Information provided by the MMWR includes weekly reports on diseases that are currently an issue, recommendations on treatment for diseases, and surveillance on ongoing diseases or outbreaks.

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  • Free


  • Standalone app with the full features available from the MMWR website
  • Multiple ways to search information within the app
  • Social media integration


  • Delays in updating can be an annoyance
  • App will link out to the web for information that could be built into the app (e.g. CE section)

Healthcare providers that would benefit from app:

  • Public Health officials
  • Health care providers (especially those in primary care, infectious disease, and emergency medicine)


  • The CDC MMWR app is great for those that want dependable information on diseases from the CDC without having to separately use their current app.
  • Pros – App has a plentiful amount of information that can be viewed offline after updating with easy search options.
  • Cons – Takes some time to update. Also, the app has a lot of links out, often serving only as a portal to features found on the CDC website.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

Rating:  4.25/5
1. User Interface – 5
2. Multimedia usage – 3
3. Price – 5
4. Real world applicability – 4

Similar Apps:

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App Review Specifics:
Last Update: October 16, 2012
Operating System: iOS 4.0 or later (iPad only), Android, Windows 8 or RT
Device Reviewed: iPad 2

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