Though it is often a last ditch effort, cricothyroidotomy is an important procedure, both in the hospital and on the battlefield. Many combat injuries can compromise the airway, necessitating a surgical airway.

Medrills: Army Cricothyroidotomy is a universal iOS app that aims to teach the procedure through detailed videos rendered in 3D, and an interactive training mode.

Even though it discusses a scenario encountered in the battlefield, the techniques described are very applicable to the hospital setting as well.

User Interface

Medrills uses a significant amount of multimedia to help teach how to do a Cricothyroidotomy. A detailed 3D video does the meat of the teaching, narrating details including the indications for cricothyroidotomy and the individual steps.

The video is quite detailed. Having learned to do a cricothyroidotomy on a cadaver previously, I felt this app helped to refresh many details.

The app also includes an interactive training mode that drills in the concepts with a combination of knowledge questions, matching games, and even scenarios where one can rotate a patient’s head or trace out the proper incision.

The app also provides an opportunity to earn continuing education credit hours, though this is only unlocked with an additional $5.99 microtransaction.

The app works exactly the same on an iPhone as it does on an iPad.  Although not reflected in the photograph below, the newest update has promised full iPhone 5 support.

Medrills: Army Cricothyroidotomy is a beautiful app that teaches with both a video and interactive training activities. I found the combination of passive and active learning to be a potent catalyst for my learning, and the app is recommended as an effective learning tool.


  • $3.99


  • Beautiful 3D renderings
  • Interactive learning modules


  • Content of CME microtransaction pales in comparison to the content delivered by the overall app

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Army medics, paramedics, emergency physicians and residents, surgeons and surgery residents, medical students.


  • Medrills: Army Cricothyroidotomy teaches through an effective combination of passive and interactive learning activities.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars) 4 stars
User Interface: 4 – Gets the job done
Multimedia usage: 5 – Absolutely beautiful 3D renders
Price: 3 – Contains a microtransaction for testing mode
Real world applicability: 4 – Great educational use

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