Learning the different surgical instruments is one of the most confusing things for learners new to the operating room.

While lots of new terminology is thrown at learners, because they will likely be scrubbed in, taking notes is impossible.

The Surgical Instruments app attempts to aid learners in this process by providing a resource aimed at increasing recognition of surgical instruments.

User Interface

The user interface of Surgical Instruments is limited to 3 simple options: searching by name, picture, or taking a quiz. The searching by name option simply lists all the tools in the app in alphabetical order; clicking on it displays the tool and a little background information.

Annoyingly, there is a reproducible glitch that can bring up the keyboard. This effectively hides the background information on each tool.

The second option allows users to search by picture. Selecting a category of instruments displays a number of instrument photographs which the user can browse through to find the instrument of interest.

The quiz mode provides a quick review of the instruments in the app. While not particularly difficult (e.g. the instrument below is obviously not even close to forceps), I did find this to be fun and helpful.

While this is a universal iOS app, it has not been optimized for iPhone 5, and the pictures can be a bit blurry on the large iPad screen.

Surgical Instruments definitely fills a need in medical education, by providing essential information in a convenient format since many surgical personnel will have their phones with them in the OR, but will not have books with them.

While the user interface is very basic and not very well-polished, it is still recommended, given the convenience of being able to quickly review material in between surgeries.


  • $1.99


  • Fills a great need in surgical training
  • Quiz mode enables quick review in between surgeries


  • Unpolished user interface

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Any surgeon, surgery resident or medical student, OR nurses


  • Surgical Instruments app enables quick review of operating room tools in between surgeries.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

Rating: (1 to 5 stars) 3.5 stars
User Interface: 3 – Unpolished but useable
Multimedia usage: 3 – Mainly still photographs
Price: 4 – Relatively inexpensive
Real world applicability: 4 – Great in between surgeries

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