MedXSafe is a dangerous and hilarious new feature of the MedXCom app.

It’s dangerous because it implies to users that it has accurate knowledge of potential sexual partners’ STD status. Although increased risk of contracting an STI is no laughing matter, it’s hilarious in how it rarely accomplishes its purported goal.

I suppose it would be a lot less hilarious to those who trust the app and get “burned.”

The feature allows two users of the app to “bump” phones and automatically exchange information including “a photo, email address, telephone number, and STD status.” The STD status can be entered into the system by the user’s physician after STD tests have been done. To gain access, physicians must be subscribed to MedXCom’s physician service for a fee.

The one situation where the app could be trusted is if the STD information one might receive has a very recent date attached to it.

Other than that, it simply encourages promiscuous behavior based on outdated information; especially in a situation where one’s judgment is impaired due to a few drinks. If anything, this will lead to increased STD transmission: the opposite of its goal.

Instead of using this app, I would encourage my patients to do things that might actually decrease their risk for contraction of an STD. I’d encourage them to get to know their partner before sexual contact to get an idea if they live a sexually risky lifestyle.

I’d encourage them to keep promiscuity to a minimum in their own lives, and I’d encourage them to be wary of any STD test results that are not very recent. Not to beat a dead horse, but the only way to eliminate STD risk is abstinence.

On a positive not, at least the app is HIPAA compliant.

Source: MedXSafe, Bump

This is an opinion piece expressed by an iMedicalApps writer, and this is not an official review of the app.