When people ask which medical apps take advantage of the mobile tablet factor, I am usually inclined to say the introduction of 3D virtual anatomy models.

My main reasoning is that this is usually a dry topic which has been revolutionized by the introduction of this new technology.

There are a number of great apps in this category such as 3D4Medical, PocketAnatomy and VisbileBody.

Visible Body has recently released a new app called Skeleton Premium 2 which aims to improve anatomical understanding of the skeleton.

The app includes the skeleton model from the 3D Human Anatomy Atlas 2, as well as an additional skeleton model that details 800+ landmarks on bones throughout the skeleton. There are also 3D models of joints and bone tissue, and numerous illustrations and animations. Visible Body has kept all the usual features which make their anatomy apps useful such as the ability to export images, annotate and more.

The level of anatomical detail is impressive to say the least, and the graphics are equally so. This app takes advantage of the same touch-based user interface used in Muscle Premium 2. This allows users to manipulate and move the model to understand the workings of joints and bones.

One nice animation seen throughout the app compares the movement in the joint to the actual movement displayed on the model, for example in the carpal bones.

Another useful feature is the ability to color code bones so that certain structures are easier to identify. Each bone can be visualized by itself or in conjunction with surrounding skeletal structures.

There is a useful quiz feature which allows users to test their knowledge and also the ability to search for specific structures. Perhaps the biggest drawback with apps like this is the lack of integrated systems.

As we all know, the muscle system is heavily integrated with the skeletal system; however, there is only limited content linking the two. We are still hoping for apps with the detail of Skeleton Premium 2 yet the completeness of Visible Body.  This app could conceivably be used to support patient education allowing surgeons to explain the relevant anatomy before an operation.

There is a great video demonstration of Skeleton Premium 2 below:


  • $19.99, and the app will only run on an iPad 2 or higher


  • Color coding of bones
  • 3D animations which link with joint movements


  • Lack of integration with the muscle system and other structures


  • This is another strong anatomy app from the team at Visible Body. Students and surgical trainees will find this app supplements their anatomical knowledge while there may also be a similar use as a patient education app.

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