Purpose of the Review

To assess whether NeuroMind is an app physicians can use as neurology reference.


NeuroMind ranks first among neurology & neurosurgery apps in the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

On past occasions here at iMedicalApps, we’ve written about the iOS version and ranked it among the top ten iPhone medical apps several times (check out those articles here, here and here).

This app is the creation of Dr. Pieter Kubben, a senior resident in neurosurgery in the Netherlands. Having first released Neuromind in 2009, Dr. Kubben has also been featured at TEDxMaastricht. Here we evaluate the Android version of NeuroMind to determine if it meets the standard set by its iOS peer.

User Interface

On first opening the Android version of NeuroMind, we see a disclaimer about its contents and its uses; only after accepting it can we enter the app.

On arriving at the main screen, we find ourselves on the Decision Support tab. This section provides a selection of pathologies for which we can then go on to find relevant calculators and scoring tools.

The Scores tab presents information on scoring criteria for various clinical conditions, imaging findings, and so on. Included are the relevant charts like the Glasgow Coma Scale, developmental scoring systems, and even more general tools like the GOLD criteria. All scores include references to their sources, though as pointed out in the screenshot the references could be made more specific to make them more useful to the user.

Lastly, the Other tab contains anatomical images for patient education or to refresh your knowledge about neurology. This tab also has the World Health Organization’s Safe Surgery checklist, which does come in handy sometimes. Additionally included are links to other useful resources like the Surgical Neurology Int’l open access journal and even Dr. Kubben’s TEDx talk.


  • Free


  • Information is excellent
  • Good images


  • The UI is not all that appealing


  • This app is one I would recommend to all physicians who need to keep their neurology skills sharp. The information is complete, well-referenced, and concise.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  •  Yes

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars): 4/5

  • User interface – 3
  • Multimedia usage – 3
  • Price – 5
  • Real world applicability – 5