Exo Labs has created a camera that turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into the eye piece of your microscope.

The Focus Microscope Camera attaches to the eyepiece of any standard microscope and sends the image to your mobile Apple device.

Exo Labs is keen on presenting this as an asset for the classroom.

It would allow multiple students to see the same view without having to take turns looking through the eyepiece. They would no longer have to independently try to figure out if they see what they’re supposed to. I do see this advantage, but not surprisingly, my first thought was for physicians.

 A pathologist in the hospital would no longer have to look through the eyepiece. Not only would their backs thank them, they would immediately be able to share their microscopic findings with others. Consulting another pathologist would be as easy as getting their attention.

Beyond that, the app captures pictures and video, allows for images to be easily integrated into reports, and measures lengths. Using Exo Labs’ camera, pathologists could quickly capture and store any image they see, share it with the patient’s physician, and attach their analysis right below.

In my opinion, it’s time for Exo Labs to start looking beyond the educational capabilities of the Focus Microscope Camera and into the ever-expanding world of medicine tech.

If you’re interested in Apple devices paired with microscopes, we have previously reported on a more specific use of iPhones and microscopes.

Sources: Exo Labs