App Reviewed: Micromedex IV Compatibility (Ver. 1.8.0)

Purpose of App Review:

  • Review ease of use of app in comparing possible interactions between intravenous (IV) preparations
  • Determine ability of app in discerning what are possible interactions for IV medications

All too often healthcare providers find themselves questioning if the medications they are giving their patients via IV have the potential to interacts(e.g. antibiotics, vasopressors). The concern ranges from those who are prescribing, dispensing, and administering those agents. So what do we turn to? One option is manuals or charts that hang around the hospital, or a computer. But luckily with the advent of mobile technology, we now have apps! Truven Health Analytics, the makers of Micromedex, have released multiple standalone apps, and one of them happens to be an IV compatibility checker.

User Interface:
Upon launching the app, the user is brought to a simple to use screen where there is an alphabetical list of IV medications.

To add drugs to be compared, the user only has to select the ‘plus’ sign by the name. Drugs can also be looked up via searching. Once added, the drugs go to the ‘Selected Drugs’ section. Here users can then check compatibility.


The app then identifies possible interactions via admixture or Y-site administration. This information is supplied via Trissels 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database. Information then details whether agents are compatible or if there are any issues present, and if so what (for example: sodium bicarb + phenytoin = precipitation).

Additionally, users can also just choose one agent and see what possible interactions it may have. Doing so will run it by possible issues pertaining to admixture, Y-site administration, and possible compatibility issues with solutions (e.g. NSS, D5W).


  • $9.99 Annual Subscription
  • Free for users whose institution is subscribed to Micromedex 2.0 (as seen in our how-to review)


  • Very easy to utilize user interface and easy to understand for newcomers
  • Built off a reliable database (Trissels)
  • Ability to compare admixture, Y-site, and solution compatibility
  • Details what issues may be present


  • Some delay in checking compatibility with multiple items
  • Faster response may be desirable

Healthcare providers that would benefit from app:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Hospitalists

Currently there are few dependable apps available to check IV compatability. Several software suites currently exist, but may be pricy. Micromedex offers a cheap and potentially free options for many institutions to utilize for healthcare personnel that is both dependable and reputable.

iMedicalApps recommended?

Rating:  4.5 (out of 5)
1. User Interface – 4
2. Multimedia usage – N/A
3. Price – 5
4. Real world applicability – 5

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