One of the best indicators for neurological pathology is a quick examination of the eyes.

Recognizing certain abnormalities can point towards a clinical diagnosis quickly and effectively.

Therefore, it is important that physicians can recognize all the important signs.

iRis Interactive aims to make this process easier by giving you an interactive pair of eyes which you can easily examine on your mobile device.

The premise of the app is straightforward. You are presented with a patient’s eye that will follow your finger as you drag it around the screen.

To start with, you have a healthy patient who will not exhibit any neurological deficits.

You have a range of tools which you can test–follow finger ( to test eye movement), pen light (to test pupillary responses) and cotton wool (to test corneal reflex). The patient even blinks!

Switching to the pen light makes the screen somewhat darker with a large pen torch (see screenshot) which you can move around with your finger. The pupils will also respond according to the pathology present. It is possible to set a ‘custom pathology’.

However, where iRis really comes into its own is when you introduce a pathology. These are added with a simple button and there is a reasonable range to choose from. One part of the eye examination which iRis does not include is the accommodation reflex. Despite this omission, this is still a great app and shows how making a subject interactive can improve engagement and understanding.


  • $2.99


  • Clever interface allows eyes to follow your finger
  • Multiple options to examine the eye e.g. pen torch
  • Great introduction to eye movements

Dislikes/Future updates

  • More pathology would be useful with some clinical background
  • Accommodation reflex and other more advanced opthalmology pathologies e.g. Holmes-adie pupil or red eye


  • iRis Interactive is a useful app for trainees and students who are looking for an engaging interactive eye simulator to learn the cranial nerves and associated pathologies.
  • The interactive feature goes someway to helping understand how these patients might present in real life.

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars) 3 stars
User Interface: 3
Multimedia usage: 3
Price: 3
Real world applicability: 3

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