Purpose of App Review

How well does Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound teach physicians to perform and interpret bedside ultrasounds?


Since iBooks Author came out last year, I’ve been looking forward to reading a full length interactive medical iBook written for physicians.

I was thrilled last fall when the great minds behind Ultrasound Podcast released a comprehensive ultrasound text in iBook form.

Since it’s such a multimedia heavy topic, ultrasound is great subject to present in this format, allowing the authors to integrate real time video of scans into the text. Until now, I’ve been relying heavily on web based resources to learn ultrasound since print resources cannot include the multimedia necessary to adequately teach this topic.

User Interface

The text contains fifteen chapters on a diverse array of ultrasound topics:

  • Overview of ultrasound physics
  • How to use bedside ultrasound in several anatomic systems: Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Renal, Testicular, Pregnancy, Musculoskeletal (hip and shoulder)
  • Indications and technique for the FAST and RUSH exams
  • Using ultrasound to evaluate fluid responsiveness
  • Performing Ultrasound guided procedures
  • Central lines, brachial plexus nerve blocks and joint injections.

Chapters are generally organized to explain clinical indications for ultrasound, the technique for obtaining images, and the interpretation of scans.

Real time scans are interspersed throughout the text. Video clips can be viewed in the window shown or expanded to full screen. Each chapter includes many examples of normal and abnormal ultrasound findings.

Still diagrams are also used frequently to demonstrate anatomy, scanning technique, and interpretation.

Resources at the end of the chapter are linked so that the reader can go directly to the primary source. When selected, the link will open in Safari.

The multimedia heavy format is especially helpful for teaching ultrasound-based procedures using a combination of text, still images, and video clips.


  • $29.99


  • Extensive use of high quality multimedia to teach bedside ultrasound.
  • The text is both a thorough overview of a wide range of topics, while focusing on high yield principles in each chapter.


  • Doesn’t take advantage of the opportunity to include review questions.
  • Interactive medical iBooks are only compatible with the iPad – no cross device platform currently available.

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Emergency Medicine residents and attending physicians
  • Critical Care physicians
  • Clinicians learning bedside ultrasound


  • This text is an excellent, thorough introduction to bedside ultrasound, especially for emergency medicine physicians, that includes both basic and advanced techniques. The authors do a fantastic job of strategically using the interactive iBooks format to effectively teach the stated learning objectives. This text is an exemplary model for future medical education materials.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

iTunes link

Rating: 5 / 5 stars
User Interface – 5 – Straight forward navigation
Multimedia usage – 5 – Videos and images well integrated into the text, focused on learning objectives.
Price – 5 – When compared to other medical textbooks, this is a reasonable price point.
Real world applicability – 5 – Covers information essential to all Emergency Physicians

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