Purpose of the Review

This app review takes a closer look at the recently released Gym Pact app for Android. We will explore how well the port was made.


As the obesity epidemic takes more and more victims, healthcare professionals are forced to come up with new ways to incentivize patients to work out and exercise.

On this occasion we review a novel approach called GymPact.

GymPact is an app that uses the simple behavioral economics principle by which people are more motivated by NOT losing money than by simply earning money and uses it to ensure you work out your fair share.

This app asks users to make the commitment to go to the gym and agree to a fine ($5-$50; default is $5) for every time the user falls short of that goal. By the end of the week, those that succeed in carrying out their “pact” are rewarded while those who weren’t as committed pay the fine.

In order to make sure you are indeed attending the gym, GymPact verifies your location using a GPS check-in and you must stay in that location with Wi-Fi and GPS services enabled for at leat 30 minutes.

iMedicalApps’ own David Ahn recently did a very interesting article sharing his year long experience with the iPhone version which you can read here.

User Interface

Upon starting the app we are asked to turn on our Wi-Fi and GPS services and then we see GymPact’s main screen, labeled Workout. As you can see, the layout is quite simple. A simple timer where we can “check in” or “check out” our workout session and two tabs on the upper side of the screen.

If the location of the gym is not recognized when pressing “Check In”, it can be submitted for registration. GymPact staff will make sure a gym exists where the submission occurred and from then on it will be registered for the rest of the users.

Those who work out by running can use GymPact’s integration with RunKeeper as long as they exceed 30 minutes and 0.5 miles in their running session. This can be activated by tapping the Runkeeper button on the main screen to connect the two apps.

On the Profile tab is the past activity listed along with how much has been earned by keeping the “pact”. This screen also allows users to “Edit” their pact to change how many times a week they will go to the gym. Changes done to the pact will only apply after the current week is over.

On the top right side of the screen there is a little icon that can be tapped to access the app’s settings. Here tutorials, FAQs, and the option to modify the account (or delete it) can be found.

Android’s version of Gym Pact doesn’t look as nifty and clean as its iOS counterpart. This is probably due to it being a first release and I suspect Android will make it nicer in later versions.


  • Free


  • UI is functional
  • Great idea that encourages healthy living
  • Runkeeper integration


  • iPhone version has nicer UI


  • This app is an app to recommend to patients and doctors alike if they are serious about working out. Believe you me, when you lose $10 a day because you are not working out, you either start exercising regularly or develop a taste for ramen and crackers. Excellent idea for those of us who need that extra push.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  •  Yes

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars): 4/5

  • User interface – 3
  • Multimedia usage – (N/A)
  • Price – 5
  • Real world applicability – 5

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