Purpose of App Review

To explore the usability and applicability of two gestational diabetes management apps for patients. The apps are Gestational Diabetes Manager and Diabetes in Pregnancy.


Gestational diabetes is a common problem in pregnancy. Ideal management to decrease its risks requires high levels of patient involvement, especially if insulin is involved. Glucose meters track glucose levels, but not if the reading is before or after a meal.

In order to be helpful, the meter also has to be available at the time of her appointment where the information can be downloaded for assessment.

The Gestational Diabetes Manager and the Diabetes in Pregnancy (DNP) apps offer an adjunct for tracking and sharing glucose measurements and other important diabetes management data.

User Interface

#1 Gestational Diabetes Manager – available for the iPhone, $2.99

The home screen of the Gestational Diabetes Manager offers several options.

On first use, the user can input her height, weight, due date, recommended caloric intake, and even her doctor’s email address. This section can be updated as needed from the home screen.

The log section allows the user to log various data: meals, blood glucose, ketones, water, and exercise.

In the final section of the app, the user can see a report-type display of all logged data. The report can also be sent to the patient’s physician as a .CSV file via email (not encrypted).



  • Patient can specify what type of read (premeal, postmeal, fasting)
  • Ability to email report to health care provider
  • PDF style format of reports


  • No PIN for personal information
  • Weeks pregnant presented are subtracted from due date, rather than from last menstrual period
  • Inability to correct inaccurately recorded data