Purpose of App Review

To explore GenSurgCall’s usefulness on general surgery call


Since general surgery is a core rotation at nearly all institutions, all medical trainees are required to rotate through it at some point in their career.

A cornerstone of training, however intimidating, is taking call.

Being responsible for some of the sickest patients in the hospital is a tall order and the GenSurgCall app aims to provide a basic set of tools to get trainees through the night.

Is it the right app for you?

User Interface

Upon opening the app, GenSurgCall immediately presents a number of common conditions seen on a typical general surgery call. Selecting a condition brings up more in depth information. There is no standardized layout for each condition; the information presented varies from pure text to radiological images.

Other nice features of the app were the inclusion of clinical decision scores and surgical videos highlighting various steps in surgeries. Unfamiliar surgeries can be very confusing, so these videos will help break the ice with trainees new to surgery.

Overall, GenSurgCall is a solid app to have on surgery call. Its brevity and lack of a unified format for presenting information makes it feel a lot like a set of notes built through various teaching sessions from different surgeons. I still found the information presented to be useful, though I would not rely solely on this app for my on-call needs.

It is more suitable for medical students than residents, as this app does not nearly delve deep enough into information residents would need to know for running a general surgery service.


  • Free


  • Simple design
  • Inclusion of clinical decision scores and surgical videos


  • Brief
  • Lack of a unified format for presenting information

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • General surgery junior residents, off-service residents rotating through general surgery, medical students


  • GenSurgCall teaches key general surgery topics, but is not detailed enough to get a general surgery resident through a call night.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars) 3.25 stars
User Interface: 3 – Simple and straightforward
Multimedia usage: 3 – Includes useful videos
Price: 5 – Free
Real world applicability: 2 – Too brief to completely rely on

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