For many people, the ability to drive is one of the most important skills they have.

However, many may find themselves suffering from impairment as a result of a medical condition.

Physicians have a duty to inform patients about the risks associated with driving and in some cases are obliged to inform the respective driving authority. Fit To Drive is an app designed as a reference tool for UK clinicians who want instant access to the relevant driving guidelines.

Despite its anglo-centric approach, users elsewhere in the world may find it useful as it offers advice on a range of conditions. The official US guidance can be found here.

Fit To Drive is a relatively simple app with a straightforward menu interface. The main menu contains a combination of specialties and individual conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus. It is straightforward to tap through the menu system and drill down to the specific information you are looking for.

Once you have found the particular area of interest, the information you require is presented in a PDF format (see screenshots). It is possible to copy text directly from this source, although there is no way to export this information.

The content contained within Fit To Drive is of value to clinicians and there are a number of potential user interface developments/additions that could be carried out to improve access to this content.

Many of the PDFs have separate headings which could be mapped into the app natively rather than as a PDF. The addition of a basic search, history and bookmark function would make information easier to find and access at later dates.


  • Free


  • Consolidates existing information on medical conditions and driving into one app
  • Simple menu system

Dislikes/future updates

  • Broaden scope to include other countries e.g. USA
  • Build a search function
  • Store information natively under headings rather than in multiple large PDFs


  • Fit To Drive has a simple aim which it carries out well. It is of much higher use to UK clinicians although those in other countries may find it useful. There are a number of improvements that will increase the usability of this app and enhance its functionality.

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Overall: 2.5/5 Stars
User Interface: 2/5 stars
Multimedia Coverage: 0/5
Price: 5/5 Stars
Real World Applicability: 3/5 Stars

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