mHealth News Brief

Recently, the attorney general of California released guidelines on mobile privacy for mobile based applications to assist app developers and others in managing user privacy.

Titled Privacy on the Go: Recommendations for the mobile ecosystem, these recommendations seek to promote the privacy of users as mobile devices proliferate in everyday use.

This is the first initiative of such a body of recommendations in terms of recognizing the need to protect user information via mobile devices through privacy policies. Many of these recommendations include targeting app developers, operating system developers, and mobile carriers.

The one thing that catches my attention with all of this is its impact on medical and health based apps. Will app developers go the extra mile to make sure users are aware of what data is being collected? Will users become more aware of exactly what the information they are giving is being done with?

It is important to note these are guidelines and not law, and no one necessarily needs to follow them. However, its nice to see this being pushed by organizations for consideration and perhaps we may see major changes soon in mHealth.