Purpose of App Review

To showcase a well-done app for accessing journal content.


The American Cancer Society (ACS) Family of Journals app exemplifies mobile access to journal content. Users can keep up to date with the Family of Journals publications (below), upcoming news and events, and published guidelines in the app.

The table of contents from the most recent issues of the three publications are available including abstracts as well as guidelines with abstracts for perusal.

Development by the American Cancer Society gives this app credibility and accuracy.

The transparency of ACS is a major plus as it’s easy to find out how to use the app, the features of each module, and information about the umbrella developing company Wiley-Blackwell.

The ACS Family of Journals consist of the following titles:

  • Cancer
  • Cancer: Cytopathology
  • CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians

User Interface

ACS contains five major tabs/pages each with unique content (Articles, Guidelines, Events, About, and Saved). This compartmentalization of information is done in an intuitive manner and allows for easy browsing of specific content. The content is well organized and the app functions as it should while maintaining a large amount of information.

The structure of records within the app (references and guidelines) is both aesthetically sufficient and functionally understandable. Users can SHARE an article with Twitter, Facebook, and via email (the SHARE button also allows for full-text access of article in the web browser) or SAVE a record for future access (saved records will appear in the Saved section of the app’s main screen).

Both of these features work quickly and effectively. Note, when accessing full-text articles or guidelines from the app, the user must validate their institutional affiliation via WI-FI or VPN. The user’s institution must also subscribe to the journal where the record is published in order to gain full-text access.


  • Free


  • Content organization and functionality
  • Ability to save references and share them with social media outlets or via email


  • None to report.


  • A must-have app for clinicians and researchers with a focus in oncology
  • A tool for reimaining current with the literature
  • Can share content with colleagues and access full-text content directly from app interface

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes

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Rating: (1 to 5 stars) – 4.75

  1. User Interface – 5
  2. Multimedia usage – 4 (No need for multimedia use, but may want to think about offering oncology videos and images)
  3. Price – 5
  4. Real world applicability – 5

Phone used for review: Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S phone)


This post does not establish, nor is it intended to establish, a patient physician relationship with anyone. It does not substitute for professional advice, and does not substitute for an in-person evaluation with your health care provider. It does not provide the definitive statement on the subject addressed. Before using these apps please consult with your own physician or health care provider as to the apps validity and accuracy as this post is not intended to affirm the validity or accuracy of the apps in question. The app(s) mentioned in this post should not be used without discussing the app first with your health care provider.