Purpose of the App Review:

1) Will I be more comfortable using AESCULAP implant devices after using this app?
2) Will this app reliably show me how to implant the products?
3) Are the descriptions and videos in these apps clear and can it be used for patient education?


Many times in private practice, learning to use new techniques and new devices can be difficult.

Often, orthopedists are expected to use hardware or devices that are slightly different than those they are used to.


Instead of hoping a manual or homemade YouTube video will appropriately describe how to use these devices, AESCULAP Implant Systems, developed an app with videos and figures featuring their products and how to appropriately use them.

This app includes the Metha, Excia, Columbus, and Columbus Revision implant devices for hips and knees.

User Interface:

The app is relatively simple as it only includes a few implant products. It does  cover some hip, knee and sports medicine areas for which AESCULAP makes orthopedic implants.

The HipSuite includes two products that AESCULAP Implant produces: Metha and Excia.

Each Suite in the app includes videos that include images, information on preparing the patient, techniques for surgery, and general information about various products.

Additionally, there is an Accuracy App that shows the angle and direction in which the implant should be placed. There are accuracy apps for the knee suite, hip suite and sports suite.

The videos describe anatomic landmarks and ways to approach the hips and pelvis with the drills and other equipment. However, some of the videos do not have sound so there is not a verbal description of what is happening.

Additionally, there is a KneeSuite, which includes the Columbus and Columbus Revision implants.

There is also a SportsMedSuite that includes some products for ACL tears. Overall, the app provides helpful videos and information about AESCULAP products and how to place them.


  • Free


  • Good way to educate or refresh orthopedic surgeons about placing these implants
  • Most videos are clearly labeled and easy to understand
  • PDF manual for each product is available in the app


  • Some videos do not have a sound description
  • The PDF manual provides a lot of excessive information
  • An abbreviated description of how to use the products would be helpful

Healthcare Professionals that would benefit from this App:

  • Orthopedic Surgeons
  • Orthopedic Surgery Residents


  • AESCULAP OrthoPilot is an app that has videos and descriptions of how to perform total knee and hip replacements with AESCULAP Implant devices.
  • The app provides a good refresher course for surgeons who want to see the surgical technique of placing these implants based on the manuals. It has videos that go step by step and include a wide scope of the surgery from prepping the patient to drilling to actually installing the implant.
  • Some videos do not have any audio so it may be difficult to follow sometimes. The app includes a PDF manual that normally comes with the device, but it is very text-heavy. It would benefit if the developers added audio to some of the videos.

iMedicalApps Recommended?

  • Yes

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Overall: 4/5 Stars
User Interface: 5/5. Simple to use since it covers only a few products.
Multimedia Usage: 4/5. Developers should add audio commentary for all videos.
Price: 5/5. Free.
Real World Application: 3/5. This app should only be used for reference.

Compatibility: iPhone (3GS and later), iPad (compatible), iPod Touch (3rd generation and later)
Requires: iOS 5.1 or later
Test on: iPhone 4S