Purpose of App Review

  • Can 3D Brain be used as a reliable source of neuroanatomy information?
  • Will physicians find the app of use?


Neuroscientists focus on understanding how neural activity and neural circuitry underlie behavior, and how disruptions in these circuits lead to neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, autism, schizophrenia and depression. Such a complex field of study requires one to be intimately acquainted with the human brain’s anatomy, what each area and connections do, and what happens when they are affected. 3D Brain is an app from the Dolan DNA Learning Center that aims to help users understand brain anatomy.  In this review we will investigate its usefulness.

User Interface

The 3D Brain starting screen shows us precisely that–a 3D image of a brain. We can rotate the image on its horizontal axis but not on its vertical axis, which is a shame.

On this same screen we find a drop down menu where different areas of the brain are listed. Upon selecting an area, its location becomes highlighted on the three dimensional representation.

There are two other tabs at the top of the Main Screen: Label and Info. The Label tab displays a label on the 3D image of the brain signaling the content we selected and little else.

The Info section is perhaps the most interesting one. Here we find an “Overview” of the brain area’s function and a brief physiological review. We also find a “Case Study” depicting what happens when lesions to the area occur. The “Associated functions” of the area are listed as well as “Associated cognitive disorders” and associations with damage.

Also on this section we get “Research reviews” and “Links”, which are both links to further one’s comprehension of the area by reading related papers.


  • Free


  • Friendly user interface
  • Info section is really useful
  • Solid information


  • Areas covered are only general ones
  • Label section seems to serve little purpose

Healthcare providers that would benefit from the app

  • Internal medicine
  • Family Practice
  • Students


This app is very good if you are looking to brush up on your neuroanatomy lessons. There are links if you want to delve deeper, though, neurologists will find little use for it.

iMedicalApps recommended?

  • Yes, but only for basic review

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Overall: 3/5 Stars
User Interface: 4/5 stars. Attractive and easy to use.
Multimedia Coverage: 3/5. Good use of graphics.
Price: 3/5 Stars. The app is free.
Real World Applicability: 2/5 Stars. There are other apps with more useful information