#3 MedCalc Pro ($4.99) – available for iPad and iPhone

Why choose just a wheel, when you can get more.

MedCalc Pro not only provides a pregnancy wheel-type calculator, but several other calculations (not necessarily pregnancy related). The Pregnancy Wheel function provides all the basic functions in a straightforward manner.

You can calculate LMP, date of conception, and EDD by putting in the date for one of these three. You can also calculate the EGA on a particular date (but not the date for a particular EGA).

Different from most other pregnancy wheel apps available for the iPad (including those reviewed here), you can save the pregnancy date information for a particular patient. With this feature, you can then save the pregnancy info, as well as body mass index calculation, and many other calculations for a particular patient and then easily reference them later.

A patient can be accessed from a particular calculator by selecting “load” or from the “Patients” section.

Each calculator allows for note taking and provides an explanation of the calculation. References are generally provided. For quick access, you can also add the calculator (including pregnancy wheel) to the favorites section.

Ever mindful of patient security when saving patient information, you can choose to setup a PIN when accessing the app. While the pregnancy wheel calculator portion is not particularly fancy, it is straightforward. I do not have to use a large number of calculations for most of my work, so this is not my number one choice for calculating.