#4 Pregnancy Wheel ($0.99) – available for iPad and iPhone

The Pregnancy Wheel app falls somewhere between our #6 and our #1 choices, both in ranking and features.

This app provides instructions on how to use the visual wheel, provides astrological signs, explains abbreviations, and lists genetic and medical tests under the instructions section.

Like Pregnancy Wheel HD, the Pregnancy Wheel app (I know, confusing isn’t it) calculates for you by “wheeling.” The center wheel then lists today’s date, the EGA, the trimester, and likely CRL or BPD.

You can also touch the inner circle and have it calculate all of this information for a particular date. The right upper corner of the app tells you the week and provides a short paragraph about the fetus and/or pregnancy for that particular week.

I like this wheel for its circularity and its uniqueness of wheeling. The instructions page is helpful, and the week summary is brief compared to app #8. It is not as fully feature as our top three, but for a lone wheel, it’s a good option.