#5 UPregnant XL ($0.99) – available for iPad and iPhone

If you are tired of seeing circles, the UPregnant XL app is for you – no wheels included. The app is fully capable of calculating needed information from the LMP, EDD, or ultrasound data.

A visual bar of trimesters is provided at the top for indicating the current trimester. I have found that–at least in the EDD tab–neither the bar or gestational age are necessarily shown or calculated.

For each tab area (LMP, EDD, ultrasound), the app will also calculate length, weight, and date of conception.

You can also have the app calculate a Modified Bishop’s score for you.

The app does provide a nice break from seeing circles, but I find that I am less attracted to it possibly because of the tendency for neon/jewel tones throughout the app. I have trouble looking at this app for a long time.

Additionally, I feel like a lot of space in the main area of the app is wasted. By the measurement of my obstetrics-minded fingers, I estimate that there is a good 10cm x 6 cm space that is rarely used by the app. This app just doesn’t quite deliver for me what I need it to do. But if you like the bright colors, the ability to calculate a Bishop’s score and desire a change from the wheel, try this app out.