#8 Pregnancy Tips ($1.99) -available for iPad

Pregnancy Tips is a simple, pink-tinged wheel that not only provides date calculation, but pregnancy reminders as well (hence the name of the app).

The wheel functions like your traditional wheel. The center of the wheel provides average for fundal height, weight increases–I am assuming this means per week and is maternal–and abdominal circumference.


Lines are drawn for LMP and for each subsequent week. Pregnancy event/activity reminders are provided for a particular week. Reminders are not all inclusive: for example, chorionic villus sampling is listed, but not amniocentesis.

Nor are the reminders always those that I discuss with my patients or ascribe to a particular week. Some of the reminders, while accurate, are not listed according to when they are most routinely done.

I like the lock function that allows you to move the wheel around to see the reminders without changing the dates. The reminders are interesting, but not particularly helpful for a provider. This app may be more useful for patients.