#9 Gestograma Pregnancy Wheel ($1.99) – available for iPad and iPhone

Gestrograma is a pregnancy wheel app developed out of Chile and sponsored by facemama.com. If you don’t have a minimal understanding of Spanish, this wheel may not be for you.

Brought to you in classic wheel form, with the pastels associated with new babies. The wheel is movable with highlights for where the EDD and LMP are on the inner wheel. The LMP option is a single line, but the EDD is a block.

This makes it challenging to figure out the EDD, as well as the EGA. The bottom portion of main screen does display (but does not allow manipulation) of LMP, EGA, and EDD in English.

A nice added feature–the wheel also shows you average fetal length, fetal weight, femur length, and BPD.

Beyond the wheel, there is a “Details” section listing details about the pregnancy, the baby, and the mom in a more traditional table format. The pregnancy section even lists the number of days left. Explanations are provided for each of the areas in translated English.

The final information section, entitled “Weeks” provided a trimester color-coded week-by-week summary of what is going on for mom and baby during pregnancy as well as tips for the weeks. Clicking on a particular week brings you to that week’s info translated into English a la Google Translate.

This app is more geared towards patients. I probably would not use it as a provider, but could see it being useful for my patients, especially those who speak Spanish.

The lack of being able to figure out when the week starts is this app’s largest detractor. Additionally, there are no references provided for where the normal ranges for maternal weight gain, and other “norms” listed in the app are obtained.