On Wednesday, iMedicalApps held a tweet chat comparing different mobile operating systems, such as Android, iOS, and Windows for use in medicine.

It was a lively discussion that shed some light on different people’s beliefs. Some key points from the chat:



  • iOS is dominating the healthcare field right now, though Android is gaining and not to be overlooked.
  • The lack of medical apps on Android as compared to iOS is STILL a huge weakness.
  • Many of the participants had multiple devices with different OS’s (e.g., both an Android and an iOS device), or had tried both at some point.
  • There may be a need for a unified, cross-platform app store to eliminate the need to repurchase the same apps for different devices.
  • Windows 8 has potential that remains to be seen.

Read the archive here.

Which OS is YOUR favorite, and why? Discuss in the comments below!