Recently I reviewed the Glucagon App by Eli Lilly, which sought to help patients and caregivers remember how to properly use a Glucagon Kit. What I found interesting at the time was the app had a reminder system in place to remind patients when they should practice again.

Now, at the 2012 Annual Scientific Metting for the American College of Allergy, Ashtma & Immunology, Dr. Rabia Chaudhry presented data demonstrating most patients thought they knew how to use their EpiPen — but  that knowledge decreased significantly after several months.

The study demonstrated that up to 3 months after training, patients could do 71-86% of the steps to use an EpiPen correctly, but this drastically declined after 3 months to 29-57%. This is huge, especially when we consider some of the errors being made where using the wrong side of the injector to give the drug!

So what could be done? This brings me back to the Glucagon App by Eli Lilly. Perhaps more drug companies should invest in creating apps to help remind and educate patients on proper administration technique.

In addition, perhaps someone should start a study to investigate whether this helps increase or at least maintain a patients knowledge and technique in utilizing these life saving devices.

Links: Medscape