By: Timothy Aungst, PharmD.

Instructional App Utilization Review

Micromedex currently has a series of mobile applications available on several mobile devices. Their Drug Information app is currently free for all users. However, several additional apps they have available require an annual subscription ($9.99/year). These apps can also be accessed via an institutional subscription though via Micromedex 2.0. Specifically, the Micromedex Drug Interaction and IV Compatibility app can be accessed via institutional passwords.

1. First, to gain access it is necessary to gain access to the institutional website access.

2. Select the E-Database necessary for access to Micromedex Gateway. Then select Micromedex 2.0 after gaining access.

3. After accessing the Micromedex 2.0 home page, select the MobiMicromedex section.

4. Next find the mobile device (e.g. Android or iOS) that you wish to use, and find the app you wish to use, such as the Drug Interaction or IV Compatability.

5. Next, download the app on your mobile device that you have the password for. Once you have it downloaded, open the app and select Micromedex Customer and not iTunes Customer.

6. Next, enter the password that your institution provides as accessed in Step 4.

7. Use the app!

Micromedex institutional access allows individuals to easily access and use the mobile apps for use. This is a great facet of the Micromedex app library, especially for those that deal with IV drugs, as this is one of the few apps available with an IV Compatability function available. The drug interactions application is key for many as well.  This may be a great download and underutilized feature by practitioners in the hospital that could be very beneficial!

iTunes Link:
Micromedex IV Compatability
Micromedex Drug Interactions

Google Play Link:
Micromedex IV Compatability
Micromedex Drug Interactions

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