The ONC has announced the winners of the Reporting Patient Safety Events Challenge, with the top prize of $50,000 going to an app submitted by CRG Medical and iHealthExchange called KBCoreSM.

Currently, finding risks through the reporting of adverse events is slow because paper-based systems may be hard to read and require transmission by fax machines.

The objective of the challenge was to create computer-based apps to better shed light on medical errors and augment discovery of new patient safety hazards more timely and efficiently.

KBCoreSM uses unified web and mobile apps to collect and analyze event reports through a variety of functionalities. An analytical module integrates into and extracts data from electronic health records (EHRs), device and medication databases, as well as scanned bar codes, such as those on a patients wristband.

KBCoreSM uses an HL7 interface to extract relevant data from the electronic health record, institutional databases, and a medication database, which can be used to populate the reports, which can be submitted anonymously or with full identification information.

Importantly, the KBCoreSM ensures all communication between health professionals and outside organizations is fully secure.