What is it?

Identifying the interrelationship between articles in medical literature has always been a difficult endeavor. Grapherence is Unbound Medicine’s approach to graphically represent the relationship between journal articles.

What was Innovative?

Initially when using the app, the user is able to visually see how different articles are interrelated to each other via their research content and cluster thoughts. This can be useful then to trace patterns of research done and how they have spurred on other research or landmark studies.

Why is it important?

Visual representation of data — especially in research and writing — can be greatly beneficial when looking through medical literature. It allows the user to see how one item may relate to another. This could be expounded further perhaps in visually demonstrating how research has affected guideline creation or standards of care for individuals that want to know why we practice certain ways and how it may change.


iMedicalApps: Grapherence 
iTunes: Unbound Medline – Pubmed, Journals, and Grapherence Access (Free)