Neuro Localizer

What is it?

A medical app created by the University of Michigan Neurology department to help teach neuroanatomy and how to identify neuro lesions based on exam findings. Those of us not far removed from learning Neuroanatomy know it’s one of the more difficult topics to master — and it’s clinical importance should not be scoffed at. This is one of the few topics learned in year one of medical school that has direct application to clinical practice, especially when patients present with acute weakness.

What was Innovative?

This app takes an extremely complex topic and breaks it down into a simple and palatable form by utilizing the multimedia capabilities of the iPad.

Why is it important?

This app shows how a reputable academic center can produce a quality medical app in order to teach a complex topic. We hope this app sets the standard for more academic departments and institutions deciding to utilize mobile form factors to teach.


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iTunes: Neuro Localizer HD (Free)