Augmented Reality Apps

DoctorMole and Hallux Angles

What are they?

DoctorMole is an app dedicated to assessing skin moles using the Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter and Risk (ABCDE) approach. Other apps offer similar functionality as well, such as  Hallux Angles, which uses medical images to construct angle measurements.

What was Innovative?

DoctorMole and Hallux Angles utilize the camera on your phone to take pictures of pathology and integrate them with Augmented Reality (AR). Using an algorithm integrating the ABCDE criteria, the DoctorMole app was able to use the camera and AR to determine the malignancy of a mole. Hallux Angles could use AR to take measurements and decide the Distal Metatarsal Articular Angle (DMMA), the Interphalangeal Angle (IPA) and the Halux Valgus Angle (HVA) — useful for orthopedic Physicians.

Why is it important?

One thing that must be clearly stated — DoctorMole shouldn’t be used in clinical practice or by patients — there isn’t enough data to determine the app’s accuracy. However, there is no denying these apps highlight the potential of Augmented Reality in medical apps and give a glimpse into the future.


iMedicalApps Review: Doctor Mole, Hallux Angles
iTunes: Doctor Mole ($3.99), Hallux Angles (Free)